Cultural Music

Music presentation at destination Tourism night 2019 Edition

Fashion Exhibition

Exhibition at destination Tourism night 2019 Edition

Dance & Drama

Drama and play presentation at destination Tourism night 2019 Edition.

Recognition & Awards

Honor and Award presentation at destination Tourism night 2019 Edition


The value of  tourism/ travel trade across the globe is phenomenal. Tourism powers economies and supports communities. Destination Tourism Night is a destination hub,connecting tourism viable destinations,stakeholders,Hoteliers, Tour Operators,  Diplomats, Icons, Exhibitors, Corporate organizations and the media.

Since the debut of Destination Tourism Night in 2017 at Eko Hotels, this MICE event has been promoting destinations and various cultural values in successive years to date

Cultural Music

Cultural music presentation


Display your talent or learn a new thing.


Drama presentation 

Sustaining Tourism & Heritage

The company is managed by a team of seasoned professionals and strives towards integrity in all business activities, continuous improvement of the organisation and individual performance, respect and care for the environment where we execute our projects, and equal opportunity and empowerment to promote employee performance, growth, and mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Programme Highlight

Against this backdrop,Destination Tourism Night- DTN is conceived as an annual event of Tourism Entertainment with our own coinage touritainment. This is integrated with our cultural heritage and destination potentials across the tourism regions with great opportunities to harness the ECONOMIC BENEFITS of Tourism Assets across Nigeria and other African Nations.