The value of tourism across the globe is phenomenal. It powers economies and supports communities. Nations have great tourism potentials, if well developed, and properly marketed, would transform and change lives. Tourism is seen globally as an alternative to oil in terms of employment, income generation and economic growth. It is also believed that tourism contributes faster to every nation’s GDP! It is against this backdrop that Travelogue Communications Ltd, a   foremost media organization, promoting travels, culture and Tourism in Nigeria made the landmark decision to organize Destination Tourism Night in 2017.


DTN is the activation of Travelogue Communications Ltd, conceived as an annual expository event where all tourism stakeholders, Tourism icons, Embassies, Exhibitors, Tour Operators, Hospitality Destinations, Airlines, Government Agencies, CEO’s, Accredited Associations, Investors and so on, meet with the purpose to maximize destination marketing and generate revenue especially now that government is looking at various options to oil as major revenue string.

United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) attests to the fact that Tourism is the highest employer of labour, an economic and social trend. The business volume of tourism equals or even surpasses that of oil exports, food products or automobile. This global spread of tourism in industrialized and developed states has produced economic and employment benefits in many related sectors from construction to agriculture, telecommunications and many more….

The 2019 Destination Tourism Night is an evening of ‘’touritainment’’, integrated with cultural banquet in an ambiance that will showcase the rich cultural heritage and destination potentials across tourism regions with great opportunity to harness the economic benefits of the ecotourism assets across the country.

This creative platform is to savor the offerings of different tourism destinations around the world, particularly in Nigeria. This year’s edition is designed to showcase Destinations Showcase, Music/Cultural display, Comedy Tourism Dinner/Cuisine Tourism Banquet among others to the global village.

The emphasis is to focus on the hidden potentials of every tourist destination in Nigeria and other inviting tourism destinations around the world. Hence we desire to approach a powerful brand like yours to partner with us to sponsor this event. It is scheduled to hold at the Prestigious Eko Hotels and Suites, VI, Lagos on Sunday 1th of December 2019.

We humbly implore you to take advantage of this unique sponsorship opportunity that such a big event presents, as this will enable you to showcase your brands and services to a very important and relevant audience.

DTN, is also a tourism destination hub, connecting tourism viable countries, stakeholders, associations, tourists, et al in an exciting and friendly atmosphere to explore and provide unrivaled networking opportunities welcoming tourists and participants from around the world.


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